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    All of our toys exceed all required health,safety and environment protection under strictly standards

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    Quality is our Culture. In the past 23years, We are always striving to improve and control our quality

    Qingdao Dutoy & Electronics Co., Ltd was established in 1996. We have more than 23 years experience in design, manufacturing and exporting high quality stuffed plush toys. Our main products include plush toy, baby musical mobile, security blanket and related baby products. All of our products can meet the EN71-1,2,3, ASTMF 963, ISO, OEKO-TEX etc. standard . Now, we also passed the BSCI, Disney, GSV, ICTI, WCA certification.

    Our factory located in the beautiful city-Qingdao, nearby the Qingdao Port, with convenience of...


    We have passed the BSCI, Disney, GSV, ICTI, WCA certification.

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    Your trust and satisfaction is our greatest encouragement


    Our product with high quality and guaranteed,health and environmental material

    Qingdao Du Toy & Electronics Co.,Ltd


    No. 177, Jiangshan Middle Road,Qingdao E&T Development Zone, Qingdao City,Shandong Province. China

    P.C.:   266555

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